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About cookies

Cookies are nothing new, everybody who regularly surf the web have them on their computers, tablets or smart phones. New about cookies is that the new legislation (Electronic Comunicatios Act-1) changes the means of notifying the visitors of web sites and agreeing to use cookies.

Since June 15, 2013, the website administrators are obliged to inform web site visitors of cookies on their web site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are saved onto devices by the web sites, in order to recognize these devices. The saving of cookies is controlled by the web browser the visitor uses – it can be limited or even disabled. Cookies are not harmful and they are time limited.

Why do we need cookies?

Cookies are crucial in providing user friendly web services. Interaction between user and web site is faster and easier with the use of cookies. With the help of cookies, the web site remebers user's preferences and experience, and thus saves time and makes browsing more efficient and pleasant.

Some examples of cookie use:

For a better user experience of web page, cookies adapt the content in accordance with the previous browsing
For saving of selections of devices and their offer/comparisson
On segments of web pages that require logging in, you are logged in with help of cookies
For recognizing your device (computer, tablet, smart phone) which enables content browsing
For monitoring visits which enables content browsing checks and ad suitability, and constant improvment of web pages
For normal functioning of certain services (web stores, web banks and other forms of web operations,...)

Disabling cookies

It's user's decision wheter saving cookies on their device is allowed or not. Cookie settings can be monitored and changed in the web browser.

For information about cookie settings, choose the web browser you use:

Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 9 in 10
Internet Explorer 7 in 8

If you disable cookies, some possibilities of web page might be disabled as well.

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