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M: info@vini.si
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Terms and conditions


Only written orders are valid. Written confirmation of the order is binding for customer and the company Vini d.o.o (henceforth reffered to as the company).

Items can be ordered for private individuals, however complaint will not be taken into consideration in following cases:

In case that the size of the ordered item(s) does not suit the customer.
In case that the colour of the ordered item(s) does not suit the customer

Costs of postage are covered by the customer (private individuals – purchase up to 150 €) and are charged in accordance with the price list of the Post of Slovenia. For the wholesale customers, costs of postage are covered and charged in accordance with a prior agreement between the customer and the company.

In case of web orders and orders via e-mail in value 150 € + VAT, the costs of postal charges and shipment preparation are charged, i.e. 8,00 € + VAT.

Item exchange and complaint is possible in case of physical damage (e.g. damaged zipper, torn fabric, missing pieces,...).

Items intended for further treatment (printing, embroidery) have to be inspected prior the further treatment, and detailed instructions for further treatment have to be submitted, therefore complaints for further handeled items are not taken into consideration.

All items have to be maintained in accordance with the instructions, written on a sew-in label.

The company maintains the right to decline an order, in case the customer has not fulfilled his prior obligations to the company.

2. Delivery time

Usual delivery time for items ordered is app. 5 work days. Items on stock have a delivery time of 2 work days. In case of further treatment or embroidery, delivery time can be extend for few work days. In months of increased sales, delivery time of items, ordered from abroad can be extended to app. 10-14 work days (depending on item(s)). In case of delivery time extension over 14 work days, the company is obligated to notify the customer of extension.

Delivery time can be extended due to extraordinary circumstances, lack of supply at the suppliers' depots, transport routes. Delivery time can also be extended in the case that the supplier did not send the ordered goods in due time, for which the company is not responsible. In case of delivery time being longer than two months, the customer can cancel his order with no additional costs or charges.

If the ordered merchendise cannot be delivered, however it is already payed for, the company is obligated to return funds.

3. Prices and payment methods

All prices, listed in the price list and on the web site vini.si are without VAT. If prices change during the order and supply, the company is entitled to change the prices as well, without previous notification. Payments of orders, sent by private individuals are possible by pro forma invoice or by cash on delivery payments.

General payment period is 8 days after the invoice was issued.

If the customer does not fulfil his obligations, the company is entitled to carry out any further deliveries only after the pro forma invoice was paid. The company conducts business with all new customers exclusively with pro forma invoices or in accordance with prior agreement.

4. Status of person's title to the ordered items

Ordered items are in the ownership of the company until the customer fulfils his payment obligations in full.

5. Damage during transport

Right upon recieving a shipment, customer shall check the state of the shipment.

If the packing is damaged upon recieving, the customer shall fill in a damage report with the courier before they take the package.

If upon recieving the package is undamaged, but the contents are damaged, the customer shall fill in a record on view, signed by two other persons, and send it to the seller. In both cases the customer shall notify the seller so that proper measures will be taken.

6. Item quality variations

Smaller defects on textile items that can appear and are not considered a valid reason for complaint are:

Variations of fabric quality (fabric can slightly differ)
Colour variations of one model (individual items can slightly differ in colour)
Shape (items with same sizes can vary)
Weight of material (can vary)
Wrong sew-in label with size information

All listed variations are unavoidable and are not considered to be a reason for complaint, since the company does not have any influence over them.

7. Complaints

Complaints over embroidery or print are taken into consideration if submitted in 8 days after recieving goods.

Goods intended for further treatment  (print or emboridery) must be closely inspected by the customer before being printed or embroided, and the exact graphics of print and embroidery must be drafted (measurements and colours of the graphic must be included) so latter complaints over printed or embroided items about colour, dimensions or other mistakes are not taken into consideration.

Requested printing or embroidery in specific colours should be ordered in accordance with the Pantone scale. If the colour is not exactly defined by the customer, the person in charge of embroidering or printing will choose the colour that resembles the wanted colour as closely as possible (however the colour chosen may differ from the the original).

Any item that was already worn, washed, printed, embroided, or in any other way changed by the customer won't be considered as a valid item for complaint.

Any complaints  issued after 8 days won't be taken into consideration without report and proof of damage. Every complaint must be submitted in written form – a recored on view, signed by two persons.

8. E-mail notificatons

With every order or inquiry submitted via e-mail, the customer agrees that their e-mail address can be used for notifications about new items and activities of the company VINI d.o.o. Option of removal from the mailing list can be found at the bottom of E-news.

9. Miscelaneous

Photographies of items and colour scales on the page vini.si are only informative and do not depict the exact colours. For eventual mistakes on the web page the company carries no responsibilities and witholds the rights to correct submitted prices and texts.

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